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Liberation-Express provides you access to comprehensive information about the potential risks of a COVID “vaccination”.

No matter where you live in Europe - we won't leave you alone. We are present in numerous European countries. Liberation-Express is available in 10 languages. Choose your language and we will forward you to your country page. If you don´t find your county, please choose the English page.

What possibilities do we offer you? According to the manufacturers, you cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine if you are allergic to its active ingredient or the other ingredients in the vaccine.

Here you can read all ingredients of the manufacturers’ vaccines directly. If you cannot say for sure whether you are allergic, you will receive a six-month temporary vaccination exemption from a doctor along with an urgent recommendation that a specialist test you for allergies to the COVID-19 vaccines in the meantime.

You can submit this temporary vaccination exemption to your employer, for example. This takes the pressure off to get vaccinated too quickly.

We charge a one-time fee of EUR 20.00 for the expert opinion.
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For your health

Vaccination exemptions are at the full discretion of the evaluating doctor (Section 20a IFSG - Protection Against Infection Act).
There are no legally binding criteria for a vaccination exemption (contraindications).

Neither the manufacturer of the “vaccine” nor the vaccinating doctor can rule out with certainty that in a COVID “vaccination”
might result in serious vaccine side effects and allergies. We aim to reduce this risk with a preliminary check.

For instance, in the event of an allergic reaction, there is a potential risk of death.
This risk can be minimised by first obtaining a professional consultation with an allergist.

What are the benefits of Liberation-Express?

Further review by an allergist

Further review by an allergist

Have a specialist doctor determine whether you have an allergy to one or more ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccinations. Only after this consultation can you make a realistic assessment as to whether the vaccination poses a special risk to you. Until then, the temporary vaccination exemption applies for an initial term of six months.

Zeit, eine Impfentscheidung zu überdenken

Time to consider your vaccination decision

Thanks to the temporary vaccination exemption, you have sufficient time to determine your eligibility for a vaccination. Under Section 20a, the law requires that, in the event you are not eligible for vaccination, you provide your employer with proof of vaccination exemption even after a temporary vaccination.

Kein Druck durch eine Impfflicht

No pressure from a vaccine mandate

The temporary vaccination exemption applies for an initial term of six months. After that it may be extended after another consultation if it could not be ruled out definitively that you would have an allergic response to one or more ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccination. This takes the pressure off you to get vaccinated for an employer mandate until an allergist has further reviewed your case.

Official vaccination exemption in just a few steps

Register and pay for the expert opinion

Register and pay for the expert opinion

Gehe zur Kasse

Learn about the possible risks of a COVID “vaccination” and the requirements for vaccine eligibility

Erhalte Deinen Liberation

Answer our doctor's questions about possible allergies and receive proof of vaccination exemption

We provide you with these documents

A temporary vaccination exemption

A doctor’s letter for the supervising allergist

A sample letter for the exclusion of liability by your health insurance carrier

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+ Is the certification legal?

Yes. The law states that people cannot be vaccinated in the event of contraindications. There are very few binding requirements for determining a vaccination exemption. Any accredited doctor can issue an expert opinion about a person's vaccination eligibility. A doctor can decide their own discretion. If they determine there are reasons why someone cannot be vaccinated for the time being, these circumstances can be certified.

+ What benefits do I have from this vaccination exemption?

• Most importantly: In the event of a vaccine mandate, you are not taking an unnecessary risk, because the risk will be evaluated by a specialist physician.
• What’s more, the pressure is off you to get vaccinated right away. This gives you time to determine the right steps.
• Despite a vaccine mandate, your employer cannot demand that you get vaccinated. To the best of our knowledge, they can suspend you with pay but not terminate your employment.

+ Why is the official vaccination exemption temporary?

The vaccination exemption will apply until a specialist (allergist) has determined whether you have an allergic reaction to the COVID vaccine ingredients. Because it is very difficult to get an appointment with these specialists on short notice, and because the allergy tests require repeated contact with the potential allergens over a period of time, we have limited the exemption to a maximum of six months. If the allergy testing phase exceeds this period, you can have the treating allergist issue an exemption for the estimated period of time required.

+ Does this doctor actually exist?

Yes, she does. She lives and breathes, has a beautiful smile and has healed a great number of people. She is an accredited physician and, to the best of her knowledge and belief, keeps her promise to help people stay healthy and/or get well. For this reason, she is very devoted to working with Liberation-Express. Her personal data and place of residence are not relevant for her service. Her stamp contains a mailing address. To protect her and her family from potential harassment, we do not publish this data here. We appreciate your understanding and your respect.

+ Is the electronic PDF sufficient, or will I get the document by e-mail too?

Whether the document is downloaded or sent via e-mail, it is the same thing: an identical electronic document. Therefore, download will suffice.

+ How can you check whether the document is legally valid, and how can you assure your employer of this?

You – and your employer – can verify this in the German laws. We did this as well, because we want to give people a legally sound option, not some legal mumbo-jumbo. We will soon have an expert legal opinion available that you can also submit to your employer.

+ Can minors register as well if they want a vaccination exemption?

Since youths aged 14+ can decide whether they wish to be vaccinated, youths aged 14+ can also decide if they want to verify whether they are eligible for vaccination. Children and youths under the age of 14 require their parents’ permission. In this case, one parent must register on behalf of the child below the age of 14. The child needs their own e-mail address, which of course must be set up and handled by the parent(s). Registration under the e-mail address is not required.

+ Is the vaccination exemption available in other languages too?

We will soon be offering additional language versions.

+ If my allergy has been verified, what happens next?

The vaccination exemption is valid for no more than six months. After that, it can be replaced by a vaccination exemption from an allergist. After conducting some tests, the allergist may be able to support this exemption with an allergy diagnosis.

+ Why do I have to pay for this?

The preparation of an individual expert opinion to document your vaccination exemption is billed by partner doctors for a one-time fee of EUR 20.00 in accordance with the Official Scale of Doctors’ Fees (No. 80) and paid for by you. This is the minimum amount that doctors must charge for such services. This is intended to prevent “dumping prices” by some doctors.

+ Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment with the Liberation-Express doctors. You can use the platform day or night. However, the objective is for you to make an appointment with an allergist. It’s best to submit a request to the specialist in writing for your documentation purposes. When presenting our certification, you can attach the written appointment confirmation or any written denial(s).

+ Why are allergies tested?

Performing a patient allergy test for the COVID-19 “vaccinations” that have received emergency approval is an essential part of reducing the current vaccine side effects to a minimum. The manufacturers of all COVID-19 “vaccinations” have warned in their product information that these cannot be administered if the patient has an allergic reaction to the active ingredient or any other ingredient in the vaccine.

+ Who checks whether you are allergic to the vaccines?

After you fill out a questionnaire as to whether you already know (such as on the basis of severe symptoms after previous vaccinations) that you are allergic to one or more ingredients, or whether you are not sure, a doctor's opinion will be issued to recommend that you consult a specialist (allergist). Until you have undergone a complete specialist examination, you will receive a vaccination exemption from us. You will also receive a referral letter to the allergist of your choice that explains exactly what this specialist should test for with regard to allergies. They can then use special allergy testing to determine whether and how your body responds to the vaccine. A simple skin test of the vaccine cannot be performed, at least for Comirnaty by Biontech: Even skin contact is NOT recommended by the manufacturer and even comes with safety warnings. The allergist must proceed differently here by taking a blood sample from you, for instance, and conducting a basophil activation test (BAT).

+ What happens to your data?

We need your data in order to personalise your certification and your invoice. We will not share or sell your data, and we will not provide it to the government or anyone else. This means that your data is completely safe with us. Of course, you can request at any time that we delete your data. If anyone questions your vaccination exemption certificate, however, we cannot confirm this at your request unless we still have the data on file.

+ Do I need written documentation of illnesses or pre-existing conditions?

No. This is not needed because we do not take a full medical history. The focus is on potential allergies for some ingredients in the “vaccines”.

+ Can I use this certificate outside the EU as well?

We are not aware of this at present, but it is possible in theory.


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