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Liberation-Express is there to allow everyone a voluntary and clearly assessed decision on whether they want to have a vaccination against Covid 19 or not.

We have the impression that in an inexplicable manner our government is exercising pressure on the population to have itself vaccinated without any questions asked and without any consideration.

In our view, it is not possible to reconcile this with the Nuremberg Code which was passed after the experience of the Second World War and the related experiments on humans.

This states that medical experiments - and this relates to drugs with only provisional approval, such as the drugs designed as a vaccine against Covid-19 - should never take place under compulsion. It is also states that those impacted must be extensively informed and that participation must be completely voluntary.

For this reason, it is doctors in particular who have a special duty of care if experimental drugs are administered. Regrettably a very large number of doctors are no longer complying with this obligation.

It is for this reason that we have made it our objective to fill this gap and inform all citizens on a comprehensive basis about the upsides and downsides relating to vaccination. In particular, we would like to make a contribution to people medically confirming their fitness for vaccination before they are vaccinated.

Since the middle of December, the www.Liberation-Express.de website makes it possible for people to obtain comprehensive information on the potential risks of a corona “vaccination” and determine their fitness for vaccination. In a few days, the solution will be available across Europe under the “Liberation-Express” name.

The operator is Liberation-Express GmbH with its registered office in Jesteburg near to Hamburg. The Managing Director is Markus Bönig. As a social entrepreneur he has already been developing helpful healthcare solutions for citizens and patients for over ten years. The objective is always to strength the self-determination of citizens and patients.

“People really have a huge need,” says Markus Bönig. This is what motives the social entrepreneur and his team of experts to find solutions which really help. Every day our team receives hundreds of e-mails which show the situation of many people in the country very clearly. The many, sometimes, absurd measures which politicians have thought up over the last few months are being tolerated by fewer and fewer people.

Many customers report harassing employers, public health authorities or entry controls. The reciprocal lack of trust is high and is already occupying numerous lawyers. Liberation-Express also works with a team of lawyers. The legal experts provide assistance in questions of employment law and against arbitrary decisions by administrative authorities. “Over the next few months things will certainly not be boring in courts.” Of that Markus Bönig is convinced. In particular the fear of side effects and damage resulting from vaccination is increasing and is a concern not only of those who were originally critical about vaccination, but increasingly of those who already have had multiple vaccinations.

“It is becoming more and more obvious that the key issue is not the health of a nation, but profit for a small minority. With the announcement of additional vaccinations by governments, the “vaccination subscription”, which seems to be the plan, is more or less a money printing machine for pharmaceutical companies. This applies not only in Germany, but the world over. “Because as a company we are subject to jurisdiction within the EU, with our ten country versions, we are restricting ourselves to Europe,” he declared

After the pressure is increasing, not only in Germany. However, people are no longer playing along. After all, an increasing number are becoming sick as a result of this medication. Now not a few know people who have died “suddenly and unexpectedly”. This results in fear, meaning that people are taking to the street across Europe. With walks or large demonstrations, they are signalling to those in power that the corona policy has seriously crossed the red line.

“People are dying not only in a blaze of publicity on soccer pitches, but also at home. If it had previously been clarified whether these people tolerate this vaccination, then many a funeral could have been prevented.” Of this Markus Bönig is certain. He is very relieved that the technical solution from Liberation-Express can assist people to a certain degree of security, with a doctor certifying that an examination of one’s own fitness for vaccination does not result in being ostracised by society. With the certification from Liberation-Express and certification on a negative Corona rapid test (e.g. via www.test-express.de), until the diagnosis from an allergist and for a maximum of six months it is possible to lead almost a normal life. And who knows, in six months perhaps corona will have become only a dark chapter in the history of democracy.

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